Photography to me is a participatory endeavor between me the photographer and the life, the clients and the opportunities that sorrounds me. It ´s a for filling way to create, share and document the world as it unfolds. And just as importantly to have a great deal of fun while doing it!

The joy of communicating emotions and telling a story through a picture is what drives me. Whether it's the playful spirit of a child, the fighting sprite of and athlete or the sheer beauty of a scenic landscape. It all makes me smile and i just wanna head back out, to experience even more of that joyful feeling.

There are no insignificant moments in life so if I, or anyone with a camera, can catch any of these moments and put a smile on somebody's face I´m filled with joy.

Photography is all about savoring life so pick up your camera and get going - Or contact me and let´s go to work:) I know I´m looking forward to spending time with you and your project.

As a side note I was born and raised in the country side of Denmark, but spend the last numerous years in Copenhagen. I hold a great passion for people, sport and the great outdoors. And in all of these interactions and environments lI gather my inspiration. I currently do work with both private & commercial clients, and strive to put his personal angel on all assignments.

I trive just as well in on a stormy day on Svalbard as in the midday African sun. Knowledge from humanitarian work, science, and innovation is carried along into my work. In addition I hold a great deal of insight to the world of sport as a keen triathlete and freediver.